Wednesday, 4 December 2013

General Villegas

Day 155, Dec 4, 2013, 608km

Just before I left Salto today a lady (Jan) says hi to me and we strike a broad conversation on a lot of things, including the question of humanity and is it still there?  As it turns out she is an ex pat now living and teaching here for the last I believe was 20 years and she has found that now with the  Internet and Cable TV being offered, that here too the pace of live has changed, people are more in a hurry than before and the city is changing with new building designs (out with the old and in with the new). Jan was also in love with the old Gran Hotel Concordia where time has stood still and she fears that all the reasons why she moved and loves it so much here in Uruguay (laid back in a timeless era) will be lost.

I believe she is right in this respect that life will change and never be the same once all the new technologies have taken over, but I also believe that humanity has yet to learn how to use all this technology to there advantage and not to live life as a slave to it but to use it as a tool that can help preserve these thing we love and I can't stress this enough, we have YET TO LEARN.

Today started a bit late and another border crossing back to Argentina made for another one of those into the night rides. I do try to stop every now and then to move around while taking a little snack and drink, this just to brake things up and not get stiff.

Country roads again today with towns scattered far between and way past the roads edge. I finally pulled into a flea beaten place that had a friendly elderly couple running it, but it just looked so run down that I hesitated to go in, but being tired made me go. The room was decent so it will have to do. You could tell the couples life was hard by the way they were dressed and the scars of work and time was deep on there faces but still they were lit with a smile.


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