Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Crossing The Straits of Magellan

Day 162, Dec 11, 2013

Staying in Rio Grande Today.

I had promised to give you the story of the other day’s events, so here it is.
I had left Puerto San Julian fairly early and was first planning to stay in Rio Galegos, but since it was still early when I arrived I decided to make a run for Chile and see how far I would get. Once on the road to Chile the wind started picking up and gusting to 120km/h and had me almost flat to compensate against it, plus it had me drifting across all the lanes, at one point I felt the bike lift off the ground and made for a very unnerving experience. Also did see some trucks along the side of the road that had tumbled (not good).
Continued through the Border crossing that was very easy and then to the Ferry for a fun ride. The deck hand signs to me to get the bike close to the wall and hang on, in front of me are two other motorcycle riders (Oscar & Maurice) and we start a conversation as to where we are going. One is riding a bike with sidecar and the other is riding a Mondial 254cc bike. We leave the harbour and the boat start to dip into the swales that are splashing over the 10' side walls and I could see the other waves coming at us from the front of the boat when we dipped down (oh crap). Hang on says the deck hand again; are you kidding me this was a understatement. I can barely keep myself afoot, so I manage to turn around with my back to a post and arms rapped around a side rail one hand clamping the bikes steering wheel and one leg up against it. After a good 30 min rumble tumble we did finally manage to get to the other side.
Back into the safe harbour Oscar says why don't you stay at my place for the night, unless you have other plans, I tell him not really and I would gladly take him up on his invite. We ride for a while on some good paved roads with the bike and sidecar making the pace at a whopping 40 to 60 km/h and then we head toward the unpaved portion that seemed to take forever, finally the border crossing back into Argentina and a fill-up with gas, it's dark and already 11:30 so how far is your place?  I find out that it's only another 90km and at 60km/h max I'm thinking this will be a late one.
I stayed that night with them and was invited to see the city and stay for the BBQ that would include there family and friends from there motorcycle club Vouken Kayen. What a great group of people this turned out to be, one's that really care and just goes to shows how motorcycle riders help each other out all over the world.


Rio Grande, Argentina, and the view to Antarctica.

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