Saturday, 7 December 2013


Day 158, Dec 7, 2013, 53km

I started today by first having a good breakfast and then headed into town for some relax time and a good Cappuccino to take it all in.

Barilochi is just like all the other tourist hot spots that have a lake, mountains, and winter ski option's, you name it and you can do it here, it's all very nice but not my cup of tea. So I headed out of town towards a small village called Colonia Suiza that has one of the best Beer breweries around (Berlina), this place is well off the beaten path and has some beautiful views along the way.

Once I arrived I found out that today the brewery was closed because of the Beer festival that will take place tonight in town, and this sounded like fun.

Did go to the festival with some of the guys at the Hostel and had a good time, then later back at the Hostel the party continued, with steaks on the BBQ and more beer.


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