Monday 30 December 2013

Wandering through Buenos Aires

Day 175, Dec 24, to Day 181, Dec 30, 2013

In Buenos Aires they did close all museums and shops for the Dec 24 and 25 Christmas Holidays. They don't celebrate this at all, so this made for long hours talking with other travellers here at the hostel. Two girls from Australia were robbed a few days earlier (Tiffany and Lucy) and they were still a bit dazed from there experience. Lucy had her purse stolen that had everything in it so she needed to go to the Embassy for en emergency Passport. Luckily she was able to get one and did turn this experience into a positive one as to not have everything in one place. We also talked about our travels and we had a really great Christmas dinner that was organized by Hostel Ostinatto.
To sum a few things up.

The ride was 51,833 km's or 32,395 miles long and did take me through 18 country’s during 171 days.
52.084km’s if you add the Kingston to Ottawa mileage.
This set of tires has 29,996 km's (18,747 mi) on them and are still in one piece with zero flats (go Mitas).

Day 178, Dec 27, 2013, 32km
Finally was able to head down to the airport and get the biked wrapped for shipping, after waiting for 3 hours with another couple from Germany we were called to the cargo hall, where our bikes were weighed and then put onto a skid that they had made for us.
Did not have much time before customs would close so we had to hurry. I decided not to remove the front wheel for time sake and I just hope that this will not be to costly in the end.
Day 179, Dec 28, 2013
Walked to some of the Museums and Monasteries today but just could not get very excited about any of them, the heat outside and even inside these places is sucking the life out of everything, did buy 2 ltr's of water and your still thirsty. Buenos Aires is having it's worst heat wave ever and no end in sight.
The famous Obelisk on 9 de Julio and Corrientes.
Day 180, Dec 29, 2013
Did go back to the markets and just wandered around with water bottles at hand, its 40c and sat down at every opportunity I could get.
Can't get much sleep with temps inside around 38c, all you can do is sweat and drink more. Here is a link to a local paper about the heat:

Day 181, Dec 30, 2013
Headed downtown to Navicon for the final payment for the bike and it works out to the following:
Volume weight 397 Kg times 3.40 per Kg     US$1,349.80
Navicon packaging and handling charges       US$   325.00
Agent fee?                                                        US$     60.00
Storage fee                                                       US$     57.00
Airport tax                                                      US $   140.50
Undocumented handling fee?                        US $    54.08
Sub total                                                         US$ 1,986.38
Sub total times official bank exchange of 6.5 = $12,911.47 pesos
Did get Blue dollar exchange for pesos @ 9.75 and only paid US$1,324.25 for shipping after changing dollars for pesos
Plus US$ 100.00 for Dakarmotos for there involvement.
Making a grand total for the whole thing US $1,424.25
Was surprised about the volume weight even after not removing the front wheel.



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